we were in the area and decided to eat at smu! wanted to eat at onalu bagel haus but we came too late and they were out of bagels 💔

- cream sauce + smoked duck breast + sous vide egg + corn ($6.10)
there’s a min order of 3 toppings but blind me didn’t read the board properly and panicked when the person asked for my third.. so i went with corn… should’ve picked a meat 😭

overall pasta was rlly rlly good for the price eh i think it’s quite comparable to twyst’s for almost half the price, and more toppings!! they gave quite a lot of smoked duck which i wasn’t expecting but am thankful for, it was so tender i’m craving it now…

also tried the curry katsu from the curry store but i couldn’t tag the store oops
the katsu was sliced thinly which is what i LOVE bc thick slices makes it hard to chew and i have the taste palate of a toddler; curry was also very sufficient for the price??

also got thai milk tea from the thai food store ($2)
it’s not too sweet and quite a lot for $2!! the lady provided me with a fork to mix the condensed milk bc it will sink to the bottom over time HAHAH

overall if i get an offer from smu i will seriously consider it… for the food 😅