I always roll up real cool on my targets, and @tanukiraw Truffle Winter Roll ($18.90++) is a tremendously tantalising target. The ingredients list is pretty impressive: avocado, cucumber, scallop, white tuna, tempura prawn and snow crab rolled in rice, dressed in truffle oil & scallion dressing.⠀

The crunch from the tempura prawns & the cucumber are the perfect counterbalance to the softness of the crabmeat, sushi rice, scallops, tuna & avocado. While the roll isn’t particularly large, it is surprisingly satisfying due to the incredibly gratifying chew that the meatiness of the crab & tuna demand of your jaws. Not once did the chewing get dry or annoying thanks to the slick savouriness of the truffle oil and the sprightliness of the scallion dressing. Plus, the creaminess from the avocado & the juicy, fresh scallops lube everything up even more, and enhances the sheer pleasure of this roll. ⠀

For about twenty bucks, this is a damn good dish to roll with.⠀