We were looking around for cheap
Korean eats in Dhoby Ghaut area other than Kim Dae Mun and chanced upon the cup. Prices of their dishes, from appetizers to noodles to rice sets, are rather wallet friendly.

A jjigae set comes with a bowl of gardenia seed rice originally but I wanted noodles instead. They were nice to change to glass noodles! I had the kimchi jjigae which is actually a traditional Korean kimchi stew with lots of sliced pork. It's stated as level 2 spiciness, but I don't really find it that spicy considering that I can't really take chilli even, so it's really bearable. Just feels so shiok and to stay warm by having this on a rainy day. Lots of sliced onion in the soup as well, gives a sharp twist to the slightly sour-spicy broth. Tofu never goes missing in a kimchi stew but what's more special is that they actually add strips of fried egg edges on top! Just for a change in texture I suppose.