The ice cream itself was fantabulous and the dried coconut bits within provided a stunnint textural contrast. One of the best coconut ice creams i've ever had.

The aroma and the taste of the juicy jackfruit was inpeccable as well, but it does overpower the other ingredients to the extent that i thought there was jackfruit in the coconut ice cream simply due to the fragrance of the jackfruit.

Chilled coconut flesh. At first i tot it's gonne be completely tasteless next to such a rich coconut ice cream but how wrong i was. Never knew chilling the flesh could change the flavour profile and texture of the coconut flesh so much. A wonderful addition to the dessert.

Pink diamonds. Was expecting red ruby but i turned out to be wrong. This was in fact water chesnut with a red ruby like exterior. Cant say i prefer this to the red ruby's chewy texture but at least it's interesting.

A rather value for money dessert unexpectedly if u can get past the initial disappointment that pink diamonds arent red rubies and never will be :'( otherwise the quality of the ingredients do shine

Overall for the price i expected much more but at least one dish(the lamb) delivered so it wasn't a complete letdown. Honestly some of the food u can find at other places at half the price or less, and the food here mostly isn't worth it. I mean freshness of ingredients is to be expected at a fine dining already so in the flavours component most of the dishes failed to impress or even surprise. Moreover the service staff needs some work. They actually forgot to give me the executive lunch menu with the excuse that no one else had it today. Well of course no one will order if they didnt even see the lunch menu right. And the service staff told me there would be sticky rice in the lunch set so i happily ordered but turns out there wasnt so maybe a miscommunication between the staff and the kitchen? Also what's with the insanely difficult to find menu online? Heard the chef doesnt want an online copy to be available and there isn't one online. I dont get it. The menu was so simplified there wasnt any trade secrets in there anyway. I never had more trouble searching for an established restaurant's menu. Online lunch menu can be found on quandoo. Rmb it might be a long walk from labrador park mrt into the heart of the park where the restaurant was situated and do bring insect repellants for it is a park

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