This is one of the most affordable and reasonably priced omakase in town. It is an 8 seater restaurant hence it is not possible to get a seat without a reservation. Their omakase is priced at $98 or $128 which includes sea urchin. I thought it would be worth diving straight into their sea urchin menu since it isn't exactly easy to reserve a seat. Reservations are open 30 days in advance.

For starters, we had the Hijiki seaweed salad seasoned with soya sauce and cooking sake. It has a combination of slightly salty, sweet and savoury flavours which serves as a refreshing appetiser. Next, we have salt-sprinkled edamame served warm, followed by onsen tamago with truffle soy sauce. The truffle onsen egg comes with a soft runny yolk, accompanied by bursting flavours of ikura and truffle aroma.

Towards the end of the meal (before the rice bowl), we were served a crab meat handroll wrapped in seaweed and rice. It was sweet, simple and delicious!

\\ 18-Course Sea Urchin Menu (1/3) 》$128