@lumbre.sg is a Spanish restaurant in name and in cuisine, but that doesn’t stop them from making forays into other regions of the culinary world. Their Homemade Foie Terrine, Cheese, Apple Purée and Pistachio ($26++) showcases their mastery of French cuisine as well, and gives it a fresh new twist.⠀

The foie gras pâté is capped by a layer of soft cheese and served on an apple purée, and garnished with crushed pistachios & pomegranate seeds. The pâté is almost as light as a mousse, and preserves a decent amount of that fatty, gamey & rich flavour that makes foie gras so highly prized. The cheese layer imparts more salinity into the pâté, making it a certified knockout combo.⠀

While the pâté & cheese mix were never in danger of getting too surfeiting, the sharp apple purée & pomegranate seeds were on hand to make doubly sure. The sour, zesty apple purée was the perfect foil to the heavy, fatty flavours of the pâté, cleaning out your palate in preparation for the next bite. The pomegranate seeds served the same purpose, but with the additional bonus of a burst of sweetness and a good bit of crunch. The pistachios were kind of a non entity here, and they had been crushed too finely to make an impact.⠀

If you need more palate cleansing, then look no further than the Japanese Grilled Corn with Sour Cream and Tomatina Sauce ($22++). The corn is exceptionally sweet, and it’s balanced out by a judicious drizzle of sour cream and a smear of tomatina paste. Sweet, salty, smoky and tangy, this is a simple appetiser that simply can’t fail.