Yuzu season has returned to Boulangerie Asanoya!

Great for tea time, their seasonal Yuzu Bread Series is back with a nice selection of bakes. Summer-y and refreshing, the Yuzu Cruffin ($5.50) embellished with crunchy chopped nuts was as good as I imagine it to be. The smooth yuzu cream filling had a good zing amidst the sweetness and as expected of the croissant-and-muffin hybrid, the exterior was flaky as well as buttery. Similarly, the Yuzu Cream Cheese Danish ($5.00) had a wonderful bite as the buttery layers were so very light and flaky. There was also a good dose of tanginess as the yuzu cream cheese was both distinctly citrusy and savoury. The Karuizawa Yuzu Summer ($3.50), on the other hand, was milder in flavour and soft. Lastly, with specks of tea leaves infused into the dough to add a unique twist, the hearty-looking Yuzu Royal Milk Tea Loaf ($5.80) was not too dense. The yuzu-glazed bread held a subtle whiff of tea and delicate citrus notes. However, a little insipid, the flavours could definitely be more intense in my opinion. 

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