The ice cream has a really nice, strong matcha taste. The chiffon cake is supposedly also matcha but I can't really taste it tbh cuz of how overpowering the ice cream matcha taste is. It's really dry as well :/ I suppose letting it soak in the ice cream softens it up a bit but I wouldn't recommend getting the cake on it's own. The red bean is those natural ground kinds and adds some sweetness to the parfait, and the cornflakes add crunch! However I dont really find this worth the price because cornflakes are cheap and the cake is too dry, only the ice cream is a real standout.

The warabimochi is so soft and springy and I LOVE IT. I definitely want more! Both flavours (matcha and kinako kokuto) were delicious but I especially liked the kinako because of the nutty fragrance. It's a little sweet and I just looove the qq texture!! My friend tried it too though and she didnt like it so it could come down to personal preference.

Overall really nice but super expensive HAHAHA only treated myself cuz I have vouchers but if you wanna indulge in some good Japanese ice cream and your wallet isn't crying at the moment, this is a good place to visit!

⭐ Rating: 8.6/10 Japanese dinosaurs
🤑 worth the price: ehh
🦖 would I buy again: not with my own money cuz sis is on a spending diet
💍 would I marry: sure