When the love of art and food comes together at KKI Sweets!

A limited-time-only collaboration with maker-artist, Genevieve Ang; the Me: Time set ($85+ includes a pot of tea) was a real feast (for both the eyes and the palate). Showcasing @gellyvieve ceramic installation titled ‘In Space, A Sign’, the dining journey kicks off with the various sculptures placed on the table but I was truly drawn to the pastries and the adorable custom-made ceramic-ware that they came on.

Setting the curated line-up in motion was the Champagne Mousse | White Peach. A fruity and refreshing number, the one-bite mousse cake held subtle alcohol notes and delicately soft sweetness.

Sandwiched between two crisp buttery sables, the Corn & Lychee Mousse kept the ball rolling with its moreish flavour combination. Moulded into the cutest corn on the cob shape, it was like the real deal - having the sweetness of the corn mousse come through at the start. And as you bite more into it, the surprise centre of the lychee mousse was a lovely and aromatic touch.

Hitting all the punchy notes, the Truffle Potato | Mushrooms | Parmigiano-Reggiano was the unanimous favourite. The strong, savoury, earthy truffle taste providing a brief pause from the sweet items. Though familiar, the flavour profile is a classic done right - fool-proof and well-executed.

Then, mellow down with their Matcha White Bean | Grapefruit. Mild for matcha lovers, the bittersweetness of the cream is rather subtle and even more so as it is balanced with the distinct taste of white beans. Yet the tangy pop from the grapefruit layered in between was interesting, and vibrant - adding a fun element.

Following the bright sweet flavours of the previous pastry, the Creme Cheese | Pineapple | Coconut was like a tropical, summer-y treat or a little like our quintessential new year goodie. The creamy cheese coating working well with the jammy pineapple filling and bits of coconut flakes.

Next up, flaky, umami, and salty, the Anchovy Pastry served as a nice savoury break.

Last but not least, the Dark Chocolate | Red Fruits was a decadent finale. The slightly chewy and dense brownie-esque base is topped with a sweet-tart mixed berry filling hidden within the smooth chocolate mousse.

*Available till 21 Nov