First, Paris Baguette is not a French-owned - it’s Korean.
Ok, now that that shocker is out of the way, I order 4 cakes ($10.60 ea) , two of which are chocolate.

The Double Choc fudge cake (left) is the older matured sister for taste buds that like the softness texture and a slight bitterness with the cocoa powder top layer. I’ve been told by a staff that a secret tip to eat it is to warm it in the microwave so that the fudge melts just a tinnnnnnny bit for that melty moment.

(ROI: 84%)

The Paris Rocher (right) is the perky young sister that is sweet and filled with a spongy centre and the nutty crunch surrounding. I’ve been told there’s a liquor in it so may not be suitable for kids.

(ROI: 79%)

So overall, double choc fudge gets my vote between the two. But price wise, they could do better.

(P.s I also tried the strawberry yogurt cheese cake and fresh strawberry yogurt cake. The former is richer and slightly sweet while the latter is more subdued)

*Note: my taste palate leans towards dark bitter chocolate at a sweet spot of 65%-72% cocoa. So please use that as a gauge of my taste perspective.

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