Pandan Churros with Gula Melaka sauce($4.50), others were sold out and this was left. Mild pandan flavour with slight sweetness from the sauce.

Phat Egg aka Scotch eggs($4.50) - anything with eggs is super good! It was finished in a blink of an eye, egg wrapped in homemade chicken sausage meat, drizzled with bbq sauce made from scratch! Super good! Other food like the TATO BLAST (Australia sweet pototoes in melted cheddar cheese 😱) were SOLD OUT!

Watermelon soju pop ($5) - an icy alcoholic treat in the hot weather in the crowded flea with some parts of strong soju, some parts of watermelon and some parts of ice 😕

Friend:"You like only interested in the food at flea hor?" Ermm.... ya.....