Why would you get monday blues with a pita so good .

The best homemade pita I have eaten thus far . Crisp and fluffy with a good texture and bite .

For those of you who know bread - this pita was literally alive . It seemed to take on a life of its own - integrating the taste of the falafel , the homemade parsley chutney and the beautiful creamy hummus.

The falafel had an interesting texture ( almost tasting like there were corn grits inside ) , was well seasoned without being too salty Nor greasy .

The stall owner was nice to give me a dallop of homemade chilli paste to go with my meal .

I was fed , nourished ... ...
This was so amazingly good .....

Blessed to be in a multi cultural country like singapore where you get a melting pot of cultures and of course - food 🥘