If you are all about that bowl of honestly exceptional fish soup, this stall at Amoy Food Centre is no doubt, THE ONE.
The light, savoury stock or "ceng" as the Teochews call it, is made purely from boiled Batang (mackerel) bones, mung beans, and anchovies. Han Kee’s standard fish soup costs $5 and works up to $9 for a large bowl. Honestly, the quantity and quality of the fish are beyond words. The biggest plus - each bowl is served with generous portion of thickly sliced fresh, silky, chunky fish, and you will never get the ‘chow chor’ (fish odour) smell as quite commonly tasted in other fish soup. The clear soup is lightly sweet and fragrant from garlic bits too. This is what we call value-for-money.
Han Kee’s fish soup is certainly the best fish soup we have ever had, and we swear by it. Definitely worth every single bit of our $5, or even $9. Read more: www.atasteofdojo.com/han-kee-sliced-fish-soup/
📍Han Kee Fish Soup
7 Maxwell Road
#02-129 Amoy Street Food Centre
Singapore 069111
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 10am to 3pm
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays
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