Note the website is still not updated as of 10/8/22, this is the most updated price, which is a whopping 1.5x the website price

Beef was very tender, no chew at all. But tbh otherwise this tasted like a very normal bowl, even with the tiny veggies and singular piece of tofu. It tastes and looks exactly like something aburi-en would make. I love aburi-en and I wouldn't be particularly impressed if you told me this was from aburi-en actually, apart from the tenderness of the beef.

So overall it's not bad in anyway just super unimpressive, definitely skip for 50bucks

The ingredients weren't even super generous, just a normal aburi en portion

PS the service is very basic, I can't believe it's part of Les Amis group. The WA was literally a dude who isn't very enthusiastic and nothing that mentions the company. So unprofessional

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