Located along the riverside of the idyllic Sungei Serangoon, Whisk & Paddle is one of our favourite spot for a nice relaxed afternoon.

The only problem is that we ain't the only ones as there is often a long wait for a table and an even longer wait for food 😭😭😭. It used to get unbearably hot in the al fresco areaa during the afternoon but thank goodness they have extended the air conditioning to most parts of the cafe.

One of favourite dishes here is the crabmeat linguine which features al dente linguine with a generous portion of crabmeat in a spicy tomato sauce topped with Italian parsley. We love the combination of the sweet yet slightly briny crabmeat with the tangy tomato sauce. The only problem is that you might end up reaching for the iced water if you bite on a chilli padi or two!