The Short Review

Price Range: £3-6

Nearest Station: London Bridge

Instagrammability: Low -
Crazy crowds and haphazard layouts hinder photography. Pray for good weather.

Food (Top Left, Clockwise)
1) Beer Battered Fish n' Chips [£9.95]
Located in the centre of the Market, along a slip road. Batter actually contained subtle hints of beer. Halibut fish was very fresh. Choose cod for a longer and bigger piece of fish.

2) Duck Confit Sandwich [£5.00]
Dripping wet with oil (probably duck fat), the duck confit was soft and tender, completely outshining the super tough sourdough bread and red onion chutney.

3) Banoffie Pie [£3.00]
The marrying of banana flavours (fresh bananas topped with banana cream) and hints of chocolate in this one worked wonders.

4) Boston Sausage Burger [£5.00 each]
Sausages were overcooked but still tasty, with the sauces trying a bit too hard. Sausage patty on the other hand was a bit too soft, blue cheese was faint, and the caramelised onions were way too sweet.

Come Here: Mandatory for a trip to London

Borrowed Cephas' review layout for this one! Find him @limjwc