Aburi Salmon Sushi ($10 at promotional price; $16 for 2 pieces)
Starting off with the ball of rice, the sushi master would mould it gracefully with his hands before adding a touch of wasabi and black sauce (Soya sauce?) to the rice. A layer of salmon would then be placed on top before being blowtorched which I thought was the end of the spectacle, hence stopping my recording. However, he went on for some time afterwards adding numerous toppings - ebi miso (Shrimp paste miso), fish roe and tiny green onions. The aburi sushi was meant to be eaten in 1 bite and so I did. While there were quite a few flavours which I did not pick up (Including the ebi miso), the fish roe at the top definitely complemented the sushi really well, with bursts of briny saltiness after every bite.
Taste: 8/10