On days when I didn’t mind myself getting myself smelling like barbecue, I would not mind stepping into a Korean BBQ restaurant to enjoy some grilled meats and to indulge in Banchan dishes.

As my friend asked me out for dinner at Wang Dae Bak, I was also mindful that we only had less than 90 minutes to have our dinner. Since we wanted to try a bit of everything, we ordered a All In One Set B (S$49.00) which comprised marinated boneless prime ribs, pork belly, marinated pork collar and spicy marinated chicken. On top of that, we also added on a Combo A for S$35.00 which came with a small soup (we chose Kimchi soup) and a Half-and-Half Korean Pancake.

My initial take was that the service crew could be more attentive to our order, as the raw foods came after the add-ons, and that was almost 15 minutes after we placed our order. Unfortunately as well, even though a staff was there to help us grill and cut the meats, she burnt a substantial part of our chicken and it was not the best sight to see. However, the appeal for me was actually the egg mix that was frying around the rim of the barbecue plate, which kind of made use of the fats that oozed out from the meats to grease the “drainage” for a non-stick effect. In addition, I appreciated the charcoal-fired grill, which probably also gave the meats some natural smoke flavours as well.

In short, although service might have fell short during this visit, the spread of delicious Korean BBQ essentials and the other side dishes and Banchans would be good reasons to consider returning for more the next round.

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