There is simply no lack of quick-service BBQ meat concepts in Singapore! Hence, presenting a decent variety of beef cuts and unique dips to go along, Waa Cow!’s latest store at myVillage adds to the growing number of yakiniku restaurants. For first-time diners such as myself, the Karubi, Pork Collar & Chicken Set ($15.90), as well as their Signature All Dips Platter (+$3.90), came highly recommended as you get to sample a bit of everything they have to offer. Note that the set comes with a choice of beverage and two complimentary sauces are placed at every table - Garlic Butter Teriyaki, and Ponzu Negi.

Well-seasoned with their savoury house-made sauce, the proteins cooked easily on the grill and were superbly tender. The marbling of the Karubi was pretty good too and I enjoyed how thinly the beef, as well as the Pork Collar, were sliced. Though the meats were great on their own, the additional dips really amped things up. The Truffle and Mentaiko sauce slaps. They were creamy, decadent, and umami - a little cloying, addictive, paired well with everything. The Sweet Sukiyaki with Onsen Egg, on the other hand, was not very distinct in flavour but the runny yolk and grilled meats were a match made in heaven. The Wasabi Mayo and Spicy Miso with Leek Relish, unfortunately, wasn’t my thang.

Since I was there, I also topped up for their Truffle Rice (+$2) and Ikura Chawanmushi ($7.40). Mixed in with ground fresh truffle, mushrooms, truffle oil, and seasonings; the short-grained rice was rather mild in flavour. However, the subtle earthy taste was complementary to the more strongly seasoned meats and dips. Real fancy, the delicate egg custard was quite refreshing with the addition of yuzu. The citrus-y element worked surprisingly well with the briny sweetness of the roe. A delightful meal overall, my westie heart is still with their flame-torched wagyu beef bowls (for the thick meaty cuts and I don’t have to travel all that far to satisfy my beef craving).