Peony Jade at Amara Singapore sets the stage for a thrilling Lunar New Year celebration with The Dual Power of Peony Jade's Artful Twin-Dragon Yu Sheng🐉!

Embark on a gastronomic adventure with 9 sensational creations, available from January 8th to February 24th.

🧧"Roaring Wealth" Sautéed & Braised Boston Lobsters, Premium Sliced "Gui-Fei' Abalone In Chef's Signature Golden Rich Broth
- $388.88++ (Up to 6 Pax)

🧧The 'Majestic Double Prosperous Dragons' Yusheng
- $888.88++ (For up to 30 Guests)
- Dine-in only
- 2 Days Advance Order Is Required.

🧧Royale Luxe Lobster Abalone Treasure Poon Choi
- Dine-in & Takeaway
- $618.88++ (Up to 6 Pax) | $798.88++ (Up to 10 Pax)

🧧Sauteed Tiger King Prawn, Foie Gras Sauce
- CNY Dine In Menu, $38.88++ Per Guest

🧧Braised Whole Large Soon Hock Fish With Double Flourishing Fortune Treasures
- $288.88++ (Up to 10 Pax)

🧧Signature Steamed Claypot Rice with Chinese Sausages "Lup Cheong", Premium Assorted Cured Meat
- $88.88++ (Up to 6 Pax)
- Dine-in Only

🧧Nyonya Durian Pengat Gold Bar Layered Nian Gao
- $138.88++ (Up to 10 Pax)

🧧Baked "Longevity & Good Fortune" Teochew Orhni Pastry
- With Salted Egg Yolk Crémeux Gift Set
- $88.88++ (8 Pieces Per Box)

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