Long queue at this North Bridge Road Hawker Center stall, albeit somewhat managed by a queue number system. Pick your favourite Yong Tau Fu, hand over to the assistant and tell them the carb you want, dry or soup. Then find a place to seat and watch for your queue number.

At 11.30am, my wait was just over 20 minutes. The noodles were al dente enough with a good dollop of minced pork and the Yong Tau Fu cooked just right, the fried pieces separated from the boiled items. The star of the show must be the soup which was clear and had the flavours of soya bean boiled with ikan bilis. The one improvement would be the chilli sauce which was a cross between chicken rice chilli sauce and Thai chilli sauce.

Overall quite good and the price is cheap. For 9 pieces of Yong Tau Fun and a plate of noodles, the damage was $8.80.

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