My first time trying teochew kuehs from @ahyeessoonkueh !

They sell an assortment of teochew kuehs. What I got was the soon Kueh ($1.5), Peng Kueh ($1.5) and Yam Kueh ($1.5). White Peng Kueh is rare! I usually see pink pengkueh sold elsewhere. And the imprints on the pengkueh and mould shape are so pretty! 💕

My favourite Kueh of the lot here is the Yam Kueh hands down! So good that I had a second piece serving of it (depriving my family member a chance to try it hehe). It was filled with so much ingredients like Yam, pumpkin, mushrooms and lean meat! I also like how the skin wasn't super thick/oily. I especially like the sour spicy chilli sauce given to accompany it!

A real delightful treat, good as a quick and filling meal too!

I will be back again to try their pumpkin/yam cakes the next time!