We went back to Venchi to try their regular gelato and for our two scoops today, we chose the cappuccino and stracciatella flavours. We tried the cappuccino flavour previously and it is still as great as before - pretty strong coffee flavour that packs a decent punch.

The stracciatella flavour is new and it is pretty much milk-flavoured with pieces of milk chocolate in it. It is pretty similar to the standard cookies & cream flavour except that instead of cookie biscuits, you have crushed chocolate bars inside it. While the flavour would be great on its own, we would advise you not to combine it with the cappuccino flavour because it would be overpowered by the taste of coffee. Aside from this, some of the pieces of chocolate are a little hard and this might not be suitable for you if you dislike eating hard things. Overall, we would prefer the pistachio (which we previously tried) over the stracciatella.