Heard about this Korean bbq restaurant where Koreans go to have their bbq cravings and sure enough it's authentic and really good!

We had the dual pork set ($59) which comes with a thick pork belly and marinated pork neck. The pork belly slices were indeed cooked very well, with a beautiful crust and tender juicy meat within. The gamey pork taste isn't very strong as well! The marinated pork neck is surprisingly very tender, with a sweet and savoury marinade.

We added a portion of seasoned King size beef ribs ($41.90) and had no regrets as the beef was so tender and flavourful! Perfect with salt and pepper given on the side.

The set comes with steamed egg, a stew and a variety of side dishes. I must say I really love their kimchi, as it isn't too sour and spicy😋