The excitement that got to me after seeing @cweizhi ‘s story of Poh preserved vegetable hor fun spurred a weekend trip to Chinatown Complex Food Centre, where they have reopened after shutting their stall at Empress Market. It was a regret back then when I brought my mum along wanting to try, only to realise that they have closed down.

As the chef whipped up a wok of high heat, we could already smell the sweet aroma of the chye por. It was joy sparking to watch him in action as he seared the hor fun before pressing it flat into a pancake or perhaps more like an omelette as it is slowly blanketed over by the egg layer. The strong wok hei game is real; even before digging in, the slightly charred rice noodles were already exuding smokiness from some strong flames. With bits of chye por and pork lard encompassed within, you could probably imagine the aroma, coupled with a light seasoning of soy sauce and fish sauce. How flavorful! Topped with prawns and spring onions. Recommended for sharing to avoid jelak-ness.