Note to self: if I ever dine at @izyfook again, bring a full lighting crew. The lighting in there is perfect for a little romantic dinner & a little PDA hanky panky for couples, but it’s a bleeding nightmare for my iPhone that’s at least three generations behind to shoot in. Anyway, my photo is awful, but Izy Fook’s Iberico Red Curry ($38++) is absolutely awesome.⠀

Even though it was a cut of pork shoulder that was used, the meat was marvellously marbled with fat and it showed in the ludicrous juiciness of said pork. It was scandalously soft & was close to melting in my mouth, and each chew brought me within touching distance of carnivore nirvana.⠀

The redolent red curry pays homage to its Thai origins with a hearty whiff of lemongrass perfumed all throughout the creamy curry, and is satisfyingly spicy to match. The curry is utterly umami, with the creamy concoction being perfectly balanced between spicy, salty & sweet. Also, it’s a chunky one, and the curry’s mouthfeel is heavy, creamy, luscious & delightfully velvety. The eggplant & potatoes within the curry add sweetness & starchiness to the already sublime curry, but I kind of regret not ordering a bowl of plain rice to mop up all of that highly coveted curry.⠀

But really, the main element that makes this dish worth the eye watering asking price of forty bucks is the ponderous portion of perfectly cooked pork shoulder. It’s so fantastically fatty & flavourful that I couldn’t get enough of it despite its respectable size. This dish sure as hell ain’t Izy on the wallet, but finally, some good Fookin food.⠀