Yum! Mochi donut was served hot and was very pleasantly chewy, it’s not sweet on its own so it complements the other components. The cookie biscuit that was the base of the softserve was good too, crunchy and sweet/buttery. Softserve was p smooth and creamy, cookie butter flavour was distinct and honestly much less sweet than typical speculoos-flavoured desserts. It’s served with some granola (that had freeze dried raspberry bits) and salted caramel sauce!

Overall a p solid dessert, each component was good and came together nicely, not too sweet as a whole. The mochi donut is v filling so thankfully we shared this between 3! The only thing is that it would have been better if served on a plate - having it in the bowl meant that the donut was soaked in the softserve ‘soup’ when it melted.