Trying out another hotpot brand, and this was not bad!

We had a variety of soup bases, with the better ones being the collagen pork bone broth and the simmered chicken soup with herbs. The pork broth was rich, savoury and quite creamy, and the herbal chicken soup had a strong chicken flavour with pretty aromatic flavour coming from the herbs. Each soup cost under $4, which we felt was quite affordable too.

The seafood platter ($16.90 for half portion) came with a variety of seafood ingredients that range from scallops to prawns to clams. The ingredients were all quite fresh and we especially enjoyed the scallops, which had such a sweet umami flavour.

The Prawn Paste ($7.40 for half portion) was very flavourful too and we loved the texture as it seemed like it was almost entirely made from prawn meat!

For carbs, one should really go for their handmade noodle ($2.80 for full portion) which had such a great mouth feel due to its springy texture and it really soaks up the flavour of the broth you put into!

Total bill was about $80 for 2 which isn't too bad. They do have value sets that are at most $20 too that you can consider if you are on a budget!