And now we get to the meat of the matter, Colony’s sweeping spread of meaty marvels. Every self respecting buffet makes a cut of beef rib the jewel of their meat lineup, and Colony certainly knows how to show off. ⠀

Their behemoth bone in grilled ribeyes are showcased splendidly, and the beef does the presentation justice. It’s rather juicy despite spending some time under the heat lamp of death, and flavour wise, that’s where the supplemental sauces shine. The standard whole grain mustard, Pommery mustard & horseradish are there to balance out the rich fattiness of the beef with their heat, and they’re quite a capable condiment. The pinot noir morel sauce was smooth, rich and full of umami morel mushroom bits, but I feel like it could’ve been a touch saltier to make the ribeye truly tremendous. Oddly enough, I found myself gravitating to the strangely satisfying onion marmalade to accompany the beef with its sweet & jammy attributes. ⠀

Of course, there are a lot more mouthwatering meats in Colony’s boundless buffet, and I’ve made myself hungry while writing this. And now I want-no, I NEED to go back to Colony soon.

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