For fifteen dollars nett, @gyunamisg Unagi (freshwater eel) Don is quite alright. A respectably sized slice of unagi is slathered with teriyaki sauce while grilling, and laid over a bed of rice. That’s all there is to this simple unagi don.⠀

Even though the unagi don is simple, it is simply delicious. The unagi was flavoured well by the teriyaki marinade, and acquired a nice char & crisp from the sugars in the teriyaki caramelising while grilling. The skin was a little tough however, and definitely required more grilling on the skin side. It’s a minor nitpick, and it doesn’t interfere with the fact that fifteen bucks for unagi don in Orchard road is an acceptable trade.⠀

However, you can save a little bit of moolah for bubble tea later on. Gyu Nami is one of burpple five hundred and seventy partners, and you can get two dons of your choice for just twenty five dollars! Not bad at all if you ask me. Once more, thank you for having us, @gyunamisg & @burpple!