These buns taste very much like mantou with a chewy and bouncy texture except it comes with fillings. My favourite goes to their chocolate buns with rich and smooth chocolate flowing out of the bun after steaming along with stretchy mochi and chewy bun. The yam bun was also good with subtle sweetness and natural yam paste. The matcha didn’t turn out as good after reading those highly raved reviews about it. Perhaps I was expecting it to come with strong matcha flavours. I like how these buns are mildly sweetened so we get to taste the natural flavours.

MamaFang's mochi buns are homemade and vegan friendly with natural ingredients crafted from scratch with no preservatives. Their buns are made-to-order therefore orders have to be placed 1 week in advance online where pre-order slots are refreshed every Monday night. The buns are best consumed on the day of delivery, up to 2 days zip lock in the chiller or up to 2 weeks cling film in the freezer. Steam the buns before indulging in them for the best taste.

Yam / Matcha Mochi (Box of 6) 》$22
Chocolate Mochi (Box of 3) 》$13