Although I mentioned in a previous review that I enjoy CBTL coffee more than Starbucks, I keep returning to Starbucks because of the service. It really seems to me that 95% of the time when I enter Starbucks I’m treated to chirpy, warm, friendly and patient baristas who make me feel welcome. And this isn’t just limited to local Starbucks outlets, but also extends to outlets overseas. I certainly can’t say the same for other coffee chains or more artisanal roasters.

I needed something stronger rather than something sugary today so I opted for the cold brew with coconut milk. Was served by a new barista today who was very sweet but still inexperienced with making drinks as the matcha latte and cascara macchiato in the same order came looking pretty different on top - especially the cascara macchiato with disappointing caramel drizzled latte art. I’m pretty sure she’ll improve with time though. Another thing that struck me today was that I actually had to request for mugs for the hot drinks after stating we were having the drinks here. It’s not a deal breaker of course, but most times I wish these coffee houses would be more eco-friendly and also actively encourage their customers to be. Unfortunately i didn’t bring my own tumbler today as I usually order hot drinks so I ended up with a plastic cup - sorry Mother Earth 🌏 😭

The cold brew at Starbucks is not bad, strong enough to perk me up a little in the afternoon and stave off the zzzs. I love the option of coconut milk which is super aromatic and undercuts some of the natural bitterness of the cold brew since I’m not used to drinking black coffee. This is also a great low calorie swap as compared to flavoured coffees, so it’s definitely making its way into my regular rotation at Starbucks. ✌🏻

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