Newest Starbucks outlet at the first floor of NUS Wet Science Building to serve the campus community.

I don’t usually order the fruity seasonal drinks because although they’re aesthetically pleasing, they tend to be super sweet. This was no different, but I managed to try some from my colleagues.

I found that both drinks tasted strange, the peach flavour didn’t blend very well with either milk tea or coffee. The bases of the drinks were almost indiscernible - unless you told me it were tea or coffee, I wouldn’t have known as the beverages were overpoweringly milky and sweet. I’d say this is a hard pass unless you’re doing it for the gram, and even then, you have to have a pretty hardcore sweet tooth to enjoy this. M

I’ve always been a fan of food at Starbucks, and their breakfast selection is no exception. I especially love the new breakfast choices, with the Turkey Bacon Panini being one of my favourites.

The pale panini bread might not look that appetising on display, but once it’s been toasted and crisped up, its brown exterior and fluffy soft interior are on point. The salty and crispy turkey bacon is mellowed out and well balanced by the egg, and wilted spinach. The addition of a light layer of cream sauce with bacon bits is a nice touch as well.

Looking at the macros for this item, I think it’s a pretty solid breakfast item from Starbucks. Some may find it not filling enough but I think it’s a good sized portion for ladies. Also worth it to top up $0.70 for a black coffee for the breakfast set :)

Headed over to Starbucks Reserve after having dinner at Fong Sheng Hao. We were originally looking for desserts at East of Eden but the service was pretty shitty and apparently their coffee machine was already closed for service at 9pm so only ice cream was available. While I didn’t exactly want coffee, I made it a point not to buy from them because of the poor service. Also, there’s a Starbucks Reserve literally a short walk away where I can get BOTH ice cream and coffee so why EoE?!

This was my virgin Starbucks Reserve experience. I’d walked around Reserve stalls many times to soak up the ambience and atas feelz but this was the first time I’d actually sat down and ordered something off the Reserve menu. They’ve got nitro cold brew on tap, as well as their own cold brew and vanilla ice creams. So to get the best of both worlds, I went with the nitro cold brew float. The barista dispensed the foamy nitro cold brew into the tall glass and topped it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream - coffee AND dessert in a cup.

This is a less intense version of an affogato (which Reserve also serves), as the cold brew doesn’t have such a bitter hit as an espresso shot does. I love the creamy, smooth feel of the Starbucks nitro cold brew. Made me feel even higher SES than having regular cold brew. The vanilla ice cream, though a nice touch and something I wouldn’t have expected on the Starbucks menu, didn’t turn out the way I thought it would. It had a grainy texture, and wasn’t actually very creamy. Perhaps it just wasn’t a good mix with the cold brew. I would say to get the nitro cold brew - the texture really is lovely, but skip the float and maybe try the cold brew ice cream on the side.

A chat with the barista also revealed one of his personal favourite drinks was the cold brew malt which is essentially a cold brew with two scoops of ice cream inside and no other sweeteners. Hmm. Might try that on the next visit, or the Dark Chocolate Mocha!

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For the many times I’ve visited Starbucks and ordered their drinks or cold brews, I’ve never tried this before.

The cold foam cold brew is for times when a regular cold brew just won’t cut it and you want to lux it up a bit more. A layer of light foam is topped on their cold brew coffee, and you’re given a special sipping lid so be prepared for a foam-stache. I wasn’t sure if the cold foam would actually make much of a difference to the drink, but surprisingly it did. The light and airy foam lent a very slight milkiness and sweetness to the cold brew, which mellowed out the black coffee. To me, it’s the perfect low sugar, low calorie alternative, for days when I don’t feel like drinking my coffee completely black or with too much milk.

This will probably be replacing my usual cold brew orders with coconut milk, as I found this a lot more enjoyable. Definitely give this a shot if you like Starbucks cold brews!

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Mooncake season is upon us and Starbucks has launched a handful of mini mooncakes that can be purchased individually or in a box. Out of the flavours available, the Honey Earl Grey seemed the most innovative and unique. It’s quite pricey at $5 for a small mooncake, but it’s 1) Starbucks and 2) mooncake festival, so 🤷‍♀️

Upon cutting into the mooncake, we found it was really sticky inside. I suggest taking the mooncake out of the plastic base to cut so you can get clean slices. Now this mooncake is really fragrant. The Earl Grey aroma hits you early and is so enticing, we almost forgot to take a bite. It’s the middle portion of the mooncake that’s really concentrated with Earl Grey, and it goes so well with the rest of the sweet lotus paste. Overall, this mooncake was delicious, and I think it’d make a good gift for friends and family, but probably not something I’d buy for myself at this price point.

Another win in my book from Starbucks! I love chocolate and bananas, and Starbucks has combined both of these effortlessly in this decadent dessert.

There’s a few layers to this dessert - chocolate sponge, banana mousse, chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, and even some sliced bananas. They’re all impeccably done as the cake is moist and easy to cut through with a fork. I recommend eating all the layers together as the dark chocolate balances the sweetness from the mousse cream, and you can better appreciate the complementary banana and chocolate combination. We shared this among three people so we didn’t feel jelak, but if you’re not a big fan of cream or mousse textures, considering sharing rather than getting a whole slice to yourself, however tempting that might be!

Consistently good at this outlet, where the matcha to milk to espresso ratio is quite even and the baristas are all quite friendly and happy to serve. I’ll always recommend this drink for those who love matcha and coffee, or want a pretty drink to Instagram.

Just how pretty is this cake?! Starbucks has seriously outdone themselves this time with their take on our childhood snack - the iconic ice cream sandwich. Available in both ‘wafer’ and ‘bread’ form, the cookies and cream variant is modelled after the latter.

This cheesecake sure got a lot of us in the office fooled as a bona fide ice cream sandwich that “didn’t melt” (?!). We oohed and aahed over the gorgeous rainbow sponge, and how pretty the combination went with the cookies and cream with a brown wafer in the center.

So this definitely aced the appearance test but how did it taste? The sponge cake was soft and delightful, while the texture and taste of the cheesecake was a little on the creamy rather than cheesy side. I did find it too sweet for my liking, but I appreciated the generous and larger pockets of crushed cookies in the cream mixture as compared to other cookies and cream desserts. It’s definitely better to eat all the layers together rather than separately, and I really enjoyed the crispy wafer in the middle as a texture and taste contrast. Overall I wish that there’d have been more of a cheesecake taste and texture, but this was actually a really good attempt at mimicking an ice cream sandwich! Well done, Starbucks Singapore!

What do you do when you want to try everything on the new Starbucks menu? Enlist the help of your colleagues. Here we tried the Shiokaccino, the Pure Matcha Tea Latte (Hot), the Matcha Blended Cream and the Double Ristretto Coffee Blended Cream along with the Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Sandwich.

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A very filling breakfast comprising of a 4 egg omelette, fruits, home fries and bread. There’s nothing particularly fancy about this, but it’s all the good stuff combined into one massive omelette. The Cheddar was nicely melted into the omelette, but it does tend to harden into globs that aren’t the easiest to cut or eat. Best to finish this omelette while it’s hot!

Seems like the KR outlet consistently serves matcha-dominant Matcha Espresso Fusions since this is the second time I’ve had it like this. Great news for matcha lovers needing a caffeine fix!

Still my go-to drink at Starbucks. Unlike other Starbucks drinks, the Matcha Espresso Fusion tends to be the most variable and outlet/barista-dependent. Found the espresso much stronger here than the ones I’ve tried at other outlets. I wish there was a stronger matcha taste to counterbalance the espresso in this cup but this was certainly good for an afternoon caffeine shot.

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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