The stall assistant she told me that need to consume in warm and don't let to be cold. She told me that need to order minimum x2 buns instead of 1 bun because the oven is quite big to reheat.

Pandan Kaya Bun ($3)
I decided to try this out today morning since it's pandan kaya and reheat by the toaster first. as indeed mentioned by the stall assistant, she told me that bun itself taste quite a bit salty due to the fillings would be quite sweet especially kaya and chocolate. I really enjoy their bun tbh especially filling was really too much for me and also grateful that I already venture somewhere that I don't wanted to do after work.

Melted Chocolate Bun ($3.20)
I finally tried their bun and reheat it again because the chocolate really melted once I press the bun off. It's so shiok tbh and chocolate got mixed with hazelnut (not that sweet but nutty aftertaste).

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