The portion was HUGE - they gave quite a lot of noodles, not sure if it’s the usual portion or because my container threw off the portioning :p The noodle is the typical dry vermicelli that u get at Vietnamese establishments in SG, its soft but not soggy, q standard. Sauce was ok, could be more tangy. Spring roll was retrieved from a packet in the freezer, deep fried upon order. Q crispy and there’s a shrimp in there, but I’ve had better. Pork chop is soft and thin but not juicy and tender the way grilled pork is in other Bún thịt nướngs I’ve tried. They give lots of fresh veg - there’s cucumbers, lettuce, basil, and beansprouts, plus some peanut topping. Thought this bowl could do with a little bit of spice, some mild heat would make it nicer. It’s a passable bowl of dry vermicelli, comparable to pho street / other Vietnamese chain stores, but standards definitely differ from better Vietnamese establishments like moc quan / red sparrow / uncle ho’s / mrs pho.

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