When I was young, my family used to visit a hawker centre across the road from Toa Payoh bus interchange where we would have ngoh hiang hei pia (五香虾饼) from time-to-time as it was a cheap and simple way of filling the tummies of boisterous growing boys (so long as you avoid the expensive dishes such as octopus and guan chang sausages which happen to be my favourites haha). These stalls seem to have disappeared and the few that remains tend to be frequented by the older generation.

I haven't had it for a long time but decided to check out the stall at Lao Zhong Zhong whilst I was there for the orh luat. They served a wide array of deep fried fritters ranging from ngoh hiang, fried beancurd, prawn crackers, octopus and squid, all of which are handmade at the stall.

All of their dishes are good tbh. In particular, I really like their guanchang sausage which reminds me of char siew in a sausage casing. It is savoury, tender and juicy.

Friendly reminder: It is all deep fried food which is full of flour so ahem eat moderately hor!

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