Do you know there’s white/red/black when it comes to Sarawak Kolo Mee and what do each of this color mean? Thanks to Sarawakian friends who introduced us to this stall selling authentic Sarawak food, we came to know that the white is the original flavor of Kolo Mee where the noodles are tossed in shallot oil; red being char siew oil from marinating the pork and black being soy sauce. From a recommendation, one should start with the white. Not knowing this prior, we ordered the black which was heavier on the palate. We liked the noodles for its bouncy texture and light on the alkaline taste, which many stalls that claimed to be selling Kolo mee fail to really deliver. The char siew is roasted at the stall and served in slices along with minced pork, some glorious fried pork lard and shallots which enhances the sweet crispiness. The soup is also light in taste. For someone who doesn’t usually prefer Kolo Mee, I would say this truly deserves a try.