Not sure how many restaurants in 🇸🇬 do this, but I realised this is/was happening at @tsukadanojosg_bijinnabe. Note that this photo was taken on 4th August 2020 at @westgatesg outlet, and I’m not too sure if they are still selling this now😂.

For those who don’t know what Meltique Beef is, here’s what I got from the official website:
👉Established in 1984 by Hokubee Co. Ltd in 🇯🇵
👉Inspired by traditional French culinary method “Pique” which introduces fats into red meat to enhance flavour and tenderness
👉Offers consistent tenderness and a high standard of food safety, ensured and achieved by their own patented food-processing technology and their strict quality assurance system
‼️Differs from products such as Wagyu or grain-fed beef as they achieve intramuscular fat marbling through specific genetics and grain feeding programs

Hope you learnt something today😉