After my previously underwhelming encounter with Yet Con, I wasn’t too excited about this, but I think I’ve been proven wrong! Hidden away in the basement of Golden Mile Tower, the old-school eatery serves up a pretty mean chicken rice and a simple but heartwarming steamboat.

The steamboat ($36/small) comes with plenty of ingredients from sliced beef, pork, prawns, squid, sea cucumber, fish balls, liver and even cockles! Might taste simple at first, but it gets tastier as all the liao simmers in the steamboat. Dip the it all in their stellar chilli sauce that has a nice acidity to it. Don’t forget about their chicken rice ($10/half chicken) too! Their rice is one of the most fragrant I’ve had in a while and the chicken was really tender too, evidently the large crowd of uncles that filled the place seem to agree with us too. 😜