Finally I got to try this French steak and frites place! It has been on my bucketlist for the last 5 years or so but I never got the chance to head down. My partner surprised me with dinner here after a late day at work on a Sunday (yea, I know 馃槕)

We had the usual steak and the Wagyu one. As well as a 20cl carafe of red wine, escargots and profiteroles. Yumz. The Wagyu one is a clear winner for me at only $12++ more than the usual one. I think it鈥檚 a seasonal menu?

I know they pride themselves on their secret sauce but I am not too fond of it as I prefer to taste the beef juices in all its glory! But I can understand why some people love it! It went tremendously well with the fries! Which were free flow btw. I also liked how the servers will give you the second portion of the steak halfway through your meal (with more sauce) so that the steak is kept warm. Perfect for slow eaters like I am.

Profiteroles were what my partner remembered from his last trip there 8 years back. It鈥檚 pretty good!

We used chope vouchers and since it was a Sunday, we paid $75 for $150 worth of vouchers and topped up about $16 more for the whole meal. Very worth it I would say!