And now we get to the meat of the matter, Colony’s sweeping spread of meaty marvels. My unexpected favourite of the night, however, is the Wok Fried Pork Rib in Aged Black Vinegar with Lychee. Despite the deceptively dry appearance, these juicy pork ribs slid right off the bone like a seasoned stripp-I mean, like butter off hot pancakes. The aged black vinegar, lychee and other seasonings combined to form a glaze that tasted similar to sweet & sour pork, but less sweet, with the sour edge slightly less sharp and more salty. ⠀

Of course, there are a lot more mouthwatering meats in Colony’s boundless buffet, and I’ve made myself hungry while writing this. And now I want-no, I NEED to go back to Colony soon.

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