We had been treated to a exquisite experience at this new Japanese restaurant located at Dorsett Residences. IPPAI's menu is full of surprises. Our taste buds were awaken by the start of the Century Egg Tofu appetizer ($5). The blended century egg complements astonishingly well with the tofu. Next must try is the umami Truffle Somen ($26) and Fugu Mirin $13, which I must say was an unexpected pleasant explosion of aromatic flavours. Other dishes that went well were the Foie Gras Wagyu Maki ($32), Unagi Don ($25) and Chirashi Don ($23) with generous portion of sashimi. The Momo Taro which is a Tomato dish turns out to be very refreshing with a tinge of vinegar. Even the dessert Sea Salt Ice-Cream taste extraordinary with a blend of vanilla. Nice ambience and pleasant food presentation too.
Overall we find this new place a must try for Japanese food lovers. Service is also very good, fast and hospitable.