@maruhachi2020 has absolutely invaded & occupied my insta & Facebook timelines for more than a year now, so I simply HAD to try it to get it out of my head. Fortunately, they’ve got a stall conveniently located near Bedok Mall, and they’ve got their signature Black Pig Katsu Set ($15.80 nett).⠀

If social media is to believed, they’ve hired a tonkatsu specialist from Japan to create their recipe. It’s a noteworthy recipe, mind you, with passably moist & tender pork enveloped in a crunchy panko breadcrumb crust. As expected of the black pig, it’s fattier than a standard porker, giving you a juicier & tastier pork cutlet. However, it’s seasoned quite sparsely, instead overly reliant on the tonkatsu sauce for adequate salinity and a much needed tinge of sourness.⠀

The spicy mustard on the side was a great aid in combatting the fatty richness of the pork, and added a hearty heat to every bite. With a mountain of cabbage, a bowl of miso soup, and a bowl of rice to accompany the tonkatsu, it’s a simple meal that works well. While Maruhachi’s tonkatsu is far from memorable, there’s no denying the impressive value here. High quality, expertly executed tonkatsu for well under twenty bucks? Yep, that’s excellent value alright.