#takeawayszn isn’t over yet, and many F&B establishments are still serving up tremendous takeaway deals. @lotusthaisingapore whips up a gnarly garlic chicken set for $10.80 before GST, and it’s a fairly reasonable custom for some tantalising Thai cuisine.⠀

Besides the garlic chicken & rice, you get a clear tom yum soup on the side and a cup of the ubiquitous Thai iced milk tea. The clear tom yum soup contains nothing but a slew of shimeji mushrooms and a wedge of tomato, but it is astonishingly ambrosial. It’s salty and satisfyingly sour, pulling double duty as both the perfect palate cleanser and appetite whetter. Of course, shemeji ‘shrooms are always scrumptious, and it gets even better in a solid salty & sour soup.⠀

As for the main event, it certainly delights. The slices of deep fried chicken are seasoned very simply with salt & white pepper before it’s dredged in flour & deep fried with an abundance of garlic. As the name implies, it’s all about the awesomely aromatic fried garlic and the succulent chicken that’s perfumed with the aforementioned garlic. It’s so gloriously garlicky that it would probably outright kill any vampires skulking in the shadows.⠀

For $10.80, you could do a lot worse than getting some titillating Thai garlic chicken for lunch. Get some. Then get more. With Lotus Thai’s garlic chicken, you’re a winner.