The splurge meal of the year goes to Cloudstreet. Setting aside at least 3 hours for their Saturday 8-course Lunch tasting menu ($398++), we decided to go all out with their Non-Alcoholic pairing ($148++) which starts with the first proper course.

To start, the snacks came in the form of Grilled Oyster with Betel Leaf, Finger Lime and Coconut milk as well as a dainty Bergamot Meringue, with Beetroot and Mandarin Kosho “Baeri Royal Caviar”. Next, the Grilled Green Lip Abalone, Basil, Edamame, Zucchini was a favourite of the small plates. Resembling an umami cloud, the foam-like sauce was simply lip-smacking. The delicate Salt Baked Celeriac layered with Périgord Truffle, finished with vegetable jus and chicken cream was equally refined.

Moving on to the larger plates, one of the more memorable dishes for me was their signature Sri Lankan Curry of Western Australian Marron. The warm spiced Coconut Broth was wonderfully hearty and aromatic with a pleasant ting of sourness - lovely with the grilled marrow and sweet chutney. The bold-tasting dish was also paired superbly with a piquant yet refreshing glass of Jackfruit, Coconut and Curry Leaves concoction. A close second was the Aged Duck with Beetroot and Kampot Pepper. Absolutely moreish, the protein was immensely succulent and perfectly seasoned. The crisp skin was to die for. And so was the firm Corsican Meagre with decadent Oscietre Caviar matched with a deliciously sweet glass of Banana, Vanilla, Chai Tea.

Oh and I can’t forget the almost cakey, deeply-rich liquorice and Sri Lankan stout loaf that featured a gorgeous molasses glaze. Love the addition of butter and the salt on the side too.

Lastly, on to dessert and to level 2, the palette cleanser of Lingonberry sorbet with Marshmallow Shio Koji and Aloe Vera was tantalisingly savoury. Of the plated, I could really use another Jerusalem Artichoke Ice cream with Poached Pears and Caramelised Milk Skins as it was so good. The crunchy thin shards had a delectable savouriness and milky candy scent.