We wanted to try something that we have yet to try at PS. Cafe previously, and we landed on the crab tart! This is basically a quiche stuffed with a pretty generous serving of crab meat and egg encased in a buttery crust! The filling was really crab-by and it really has the legit taste of crab meat. The tart was then placed on a plate that has a thin layer of prawn-flavoured bisque, which was arguably pretty flavourful!

To be honest, we found it strange that the tart was placed directly in the bisque because all it does is to make the crust of the tart soggy. 😰 Furthermore, the seafood flavour of the bisque doesn't really go well with the buttery crust. It would have been better if the bisque was placed in a separate receptacle, which allows you to eat it however you like. I would have drizzled a bit over the tart filling, and not the crust of the tart itself!

Also, the quiche is way bigger than it looks in the photo so it will definitely get pretty filling towards the end of your meal. Hence, you may wish to share the quiche with someone, which will allow you to enjoy more dishes as well!

The dish is priced at $32++, which is pretty steep in our opinion. While you are probably paying for the decent amount of crab meat, this is a dish that we are unlikely to order again.

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