@hardrockcafesingapore has been there before I was even born, but I’ve never thought to try it. Why, you ask? Well, if you’re born after 1990, there’s a general perception that Hard Rock Café is a watering hole for grouchy boomers to reminisce on the glory days gone by.⠀

So, I might be half wrong about that. Sure, it is a classic all-American bar with the decor to match, but the clientele is a couple of decades younger than I expected. The menu is definitely classic American, and it’s definitely timeless. Burgers, ribs, steaks & fajitas will never go out of style, and it doesn’t matter if you’re living in 3008 or two thousand & late.⠀

Hard Rock’s Famous Fajitas ($34.95++ for a two protein combo that’ll overfeed two hungry guys) were the menu item that caught my attention, and I was moderately eager to feast on these famous fajitas. Unfortunately, I may have hyped myself up a little too much, as the chicken & steak fajitas we had fell short of expectations. Still, it’s DIY Tex-Mex soft tacos, so it isn’t all awful. It could be a touch more refined & complete, though.⠀

The sliced up sirloin steak was fantastically fatty, tastefully tender and sports a sexy sear, but someone definitely forgot the salt. Sure, adding the soft, caramelised onions & bell peppers that were still sizzling away on the hotplate gives it a nice sweet flavour, but every steak needs salt like how a human needs water. Or how I need alcohol. As for the chicken, it was seasoned a little better, but it could definitely be a lot more dazzling, and it was noticeably dry. ⠀

Still, all is definitely not lost, as the steak simply needs to be salted, and the chicken could be sous vide to maintain moisture and jazzed up with the inclusion of a spicy Mexican marinade to really put the Mex in Tex-Mex. The ultra fresh house-made guacamole is a rich, creamy delight, while the sharp pico de gallo is a zesty, refreshing counterpart to the sweet onions & peppers, and the meats.⠀

Thanks for the invite, @hardrockcafesingapore & @burpple!

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