I’ve had @fiveguyssingapore before, and felt they came up short of the Shack in the satisfaction department. However, after applying @nusfatclub revolutionary hack of adding a beef frankfurter onto my bacon cheeseburger for an additional two bucks, I’m seriously reconsidering that statement.⠀

The last time I had the bacon cheeseburger ($17), I found it to be a tasty burger, but it didn’t leave me with any desperate cravings for a second helping. This time, however, with the all beef hotdog, oh boy oh boy it was sensational. The strong smokiness of the hotdog fused flawlessly with the smoky bacon rashers, and the smokiness carried over well to the decently juicy & greasy patties. The added smoke & salt turned out to be the missing pieces of the puzzle. The burger itself was seasoned adequately but not amazingly, so it was always lacking that ‘dude this is awesome’ factor.⠀

This time, however, thanks to the additional saltiness, smokiness & greasiness of that brilliant beef frank, the burger finally attained peak burger brilliance. The meatiness of the burger was absolutely off the chain, and each bite was supremely satisfying. It’s salty, greasy, meaty, sinful and absolutely sumptuous. It’s a soul satisfying burger done absolutely right. Add that meaty magnificence to my chosen toppings of lettuce, grilled mushrooms & onions, and sauces of BBQ sauce, mayo & relish, and I had an absolute world beater of a burger.⠀

While I do wish I asked for more relish, this particular burger creation is near perfection. Oh yeah, I’m more than happy to let my wallet get banged by Five Guys any day.

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