From the outside, The Bedok Marketplace looks like your regular HDB hawker centre which is shaped like a UFO. What's interesting is that instead of the usual lanes of food stalls which you usually see, the stalls are housed on the ground floor of pre-war 2-storey shophouses.

@theburningoaksg is one of the anchor tenants there and is famous for its wagyu dons. For $23.50, you get sliced wagyu rump cap, a piece of foie gras, pickled radish and ginger, and an onsen egg on top of Japonica rice.

The beef rump cap is an under-used and less pricey cut of meat. It is juicy as there is a layer of fats which flavours and locks in the moisture of the meat whilst it cooks. It is also one of the cuts with a stronger beefy flavour. The downside is that it tends to be tougher and more chewy than the more premium cuts.

The Burning Oak's rump cap was a little tough. I like that they sliced it thinly so that it is relatively easier to chew but not shabu shabu-thin that you barely get a taste of the meat. It was also marinated nicely though I would have preferred that they did not use a marinade or a lighter tasting marinade to allow the beefy flavours of the rump cap to shine through.

Overall, this is a decent gyudon which I might come back for if I am in the area.

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