The ideal snack/dessert to go after a meal at Bedok 85. This stall sells glutinous rice balls in 5 different flavours (peanut, sesame, red bean, yam paste and green tea) with a choice of peanut, ginger or almond milk soup.

The skin of glutinous balls are chewy with a springy mochi texture and the fillings just ooze once they are broken.

They ran out of peanut soup hence we settled with the ginger soup. It reminds me of ginger tea that is mildly spicy, soothing to the throat and keeping the tummies warm.

My personal favourite is the peanut and sesame rice ball. The peanut rice ball is fragrant with a creamy nutty flavour. It also has the right amount of sweetness that is not overpowering. The sesame rice ball was equally good with a warm, smooth and fragrant filling.

The green tea paste in the rice ball is a little sweet and reminds me of those fillings in mooncakes while the yam paste was smooth and lightly sweetened, just like those fillings in pau.

3pcs + Soup - $2.00
4pcs + Soup - $2.20
5pcs + Soup - $2.60
6pcs + Soup - $3.00
Just Soup - $1.50
Takeaway - $0.10